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Contributing Authors

Please know that Leo and I are very grateful to everyone and anyone who donates anything — money, time, promotion, hotel reward points, stories, beta services, beautiful banners, holiday e-cards — in support of our becoming a team together.

  • AgoodWITCH — Till I Come Marching Home BxE. Rated M. AH. Civil War Period Piece.

  • Alby Mangroves — The Goth King of UW Edward x Garrett. Rated M. AH. Slash.

  • Anais Mark — Eating In BxE. Rated M. AH.

  • Bella Flan Kill Phil Bella x Phil. Rated NC-17. AH.

  • CharliDenae  — Beneath the Scars — AxJ. Rated PG-13. AH. Non-graphic mentions of rape, abuse, and murder

  • C. Valentina Dunn — The One Percent Kelsey x Garrison. Rated M. Romance.

  • DeJean Smith From the Journal of Liriope M. Hermitage — Liriope. Rated M. AU.

  • DontRun — Please Don't Leave Me BxE. Rated T. AU.

  • Duskwatcher — Worth It — ExB. Rated PG-13. AH.

  • eddiebell69 — Love, Madness, and Music BxE. Rated M. AH.

  • Exquisite Edward — Dark Descent BxE. Rated M. AH.

  • Javamomma0921The Selkie's Bride — Master Ferguson, Iona, Ailbert, Coinneach. Rated M.  Supernatural/Dark Romance

  • just duckie  — Fuzzy Logic — Jacob+BxE. Rated M. Mostly Human.

  • kitkat681 — Choices (Outtake) BxExJasper. Rated M. AH. (Poly/Slash)

  • Lady Gwynedd — Selfless BxE. Rated T. AU.

  • Lady TazzDirty MoneyBxE. Rated M. AH.

  • Mina Rivera — It Isn't Over — Tanya. Rated M. AU

  • Morgan Locklear  — Cockeyed Optimist: Tilting at Windmills Edward, Jasper (Not Slash). Rated T. AH.

  • Morgan Phoenix — Moving Violations (Outtake) BxE. Rated M. AH.

  • Mrs. The King — Late Night with Aro (Epilogue) BxE. Rated M. AH. 

  • MsKathy — Unfolding the Pages BxE. Rated M. AH.

  • SaritaDreaming  — Red Kryptonite BxE. Rated M. AU.

  • Savage7289 — Play By PlayEsme x Edward Masen. Rated M. AH.

  • sexilexicullen — Coming Home BxE. Rated M. AH.

  • Sebastien Robichaud — In the Shadow of the Prado BxE. Rated M. AH

  • SqueakyZorro — Detente Rosealie x Edward. Rated M. AU.

  • tufano79 — Attack of the Killer Lube. . . It's Coming to GET YOU! BxE. Rated M. AH.

  • wmr1601 — More Than My Own LifeBxE. Rated M. AH. 

  • writingbabe — Late BxE. Rated M. AH.

  • YellowGlue Grey Skies and Light Fading BxE. Rated M. AH.

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