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These twelve top-flight betas have offered twelve lucky people their beta service for a one-shot, one each per donation of $50 or more. Only two have been claimed. There's some serious talent available here, don't miss out!

• afmtoo — Project Team Beta beta, beta for Miss Betty Smith's Full Disclosure, luvrofink's Let Me Ride. Speciality is Britishness, "but I can turn my hand to most."

BellaFlan (claimed) — beta for SexyLexiCullen's Weather the Storm, DoUTrustMe's Blame it on Rio, as well as Illicitwriter and wordslinger

• HollettLA — beta for Project Team Beta, Sparkly Red Pen, Emergency Beta Service, and The Twilight Awards as well as multiple authors/stories. For the full list, click here.

katmom (claimed) — beta for more people than can possibly fit here. To read her common mistake pet peeves, click here.

• lulabelle98 — senior beta for Sparkly Red Pen, beta for DreamOfTheEndless' Beautiful Sorrow, Antevorte's Fragments, and TheEdwardians All That Remains

• Marly580 — Project Team Beta beta, Emergency Beta Service moderator and beta, beta for Raum's De Immortalitate, and ginger1983ff's Life As I Know It

• Perry Maxwell — beta for BellaFlan's In the Shadow of Your Heart, Gingerandgreen's Plight Thee My Troth, Purelyamuse's Masen Days, and Mac214's original fiction

• SaritaDreaming — Twilighted validation beta, Sparkly Red Pen beta, beta for Aleeab4u's Prey for the Wicked

• Songster — Fictionista Workshop admin, beta for Emmanuelle Nathan's This Buried Life, Spring Hale's Never Bargained for You, BettiGefecht, and ChocolateLover82. Specialist helping foreign writers with English and American idiomatic speech.

• SqueakyZorro — Project Team Beta moderator and beta, beta for bloodonmylips's Feral Blood, Michelle M. Marie & Paige Parkker's Little Fish, Big Fish, TwiLoverSue's Once Bitten

• SueBee0619 — beta for FictionFreak95's Vines and Meet the Masens, VirginiaMay's Arms, OneBraveLamb's Set Fire to the Rain, and SweetPoeticJustice's Gonorrhea Always Ends With A HEA

• wmr1601 — Sparkly Red Pen beta, beta for SaritaDreaming and lilmssomething

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