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Her long blond hair rippled in the wind, her delicate features were perfectly formed, and her tall, curvy body inspired fantasies in virtually every male who saw her.  All I could think was . . .how wonderful it would be never to have to see her again. 

Well, that was almost all I could think.  I was a man, after all.

Yes, she was, without question, the most heart-stoppingly beautiful woman I'd ever seen.  But my heart had stopped long ago.  And the expression on that flawless face held just as much ire as I was sure my own did.

She was aware that I knew what she was about to say, but she insisted on saying it aloud anyway.

“This is all your fault!  If you would just stay out of my head for five minutes, you wouldn't hear things you didn't like.”

I knew responding in kind wouldn't help anything, but I couldn't stop myself.  “I can't just turn it off, Rosalie.  It doesn't work that way.”

“Well, no one said you had to comment—I was keeping my thoughts to myself, trying to be polite, but no!” she spat.  “Mr. Edward I-Know-Everything Cullen couldn't possibly withhold his wisdom!  Wisdom—hah!”

“Your idea was completely ridiculous!  How could you seriously consider—”

“Who said I was seriously considering anything?  I was just thinking, Edward—just letting my thoughts flow.  And it was none of your business anyway.”

She stalked off down the beach before suddenly halting.  Whirling to face me once more, she extended one foot and drew a line in the sand.

“There.  Pretend that line goes through the whole island.  You stay on your side, and I'll stay on mine. 

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