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Sebastien Robichaud

In the Shadow of the Prado
by Sebastien Robichaud
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A/N: This is an Edward/Bella outtake from the story “The Ice Queen and Mister McCarty,” which appears on both Twilighted and Fan
(You should probably read the posted chapters first, along with the outtakes “Eiffel Tower Serenade” and “Eiffel Tower Morning.”)

December 2009

Bella stood motionless in front of Jan van Eyck’s Annunciation Diptych.  She was in the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum in Madrid and for the moment, she was alone.

Her eyes were drawn to the painting, to the interplay of light and shadow that made the images look like sculptures jutting out of a niche.  She stared at the masterpiece so long she forgot where she was. When she looked around, Edward was nowhere to be found.

A cold feeling began in the pit of her stomach, spreading outward to her limbs.

Where is he?

A few people had wandered into the space, but none of them were Edward.  She walked to the next room, but it was empty.  By the time she entered the long hallway that constituted room six, she began to panic.

He didn’t bring me all the way to Madrid to dump me.

Did he?

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