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Late Night with Aro (Epilogue)
Banner by mholshev & debb24601
She was about as ready for the media attention as Bambi  was for his new legs. After Bella got out of the hospital, she was followed like a superstar and it was just infuriating. Her parents were in and out of her apartment with food and rented romantic comedies.

The paparazzi were a combination of fruit flies and cockroaches, except they could talk with their evil mouths. Bella kept waiting for the big reveal, waiting to hear the amazing news that Edward Cullen was still alive, but there was nothing.

She couldn’t even wear his big, hairy man toe. It was too long for her shoes. For a while she slept with it like a teddy bear. Then she woke up at night and screamed when she saw it lying next to her mouth. Now, the toe stays in the bottom drawer of her jewelry box.

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