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C. Valentina Dunn

The One Percent
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It begins innocently enough. The slopes won't be open for another two weeks, so the resort is mostly empty. He's alone when he takes a seat at one of the tables in the bar. These days, he usually is. Right away, she approaches him. For her, this is just another day at work — providing small talk and good service is part of her job.

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Her long blond hair rippled in the wind, her delicate features were perfectly formed, and her tall, curvy body inspired fantasies in virtually every male who saw her.  All I could think was . . .how wonderful it would be never to have to see her again. 

Well, that was almost all I could think.  I was a man, after all.

Yes, she was, without question, the most heart-stoppingly beautiful woman I'd ever seen.  But my heart had stopped long ago.  And the expression on that flawless face held just as much ire as I was sure my own did.

She was aware that I knew what she was about to say, but she insisted on saying it aloud anyway.

“This is all your fault!  If you would just stay out of my head for five minutes, you wouldn't hear things you didn't like.”

I knew responding in kind wouldn't help anything, but I couldn't stop myself.  “I can't just turn it off, Rosalie.  It doesn't work that way.”

“Well, no one said you had to comment—I was keeping my thoughts to myself, trying to be polite, but no!” she spat.  “Mr. Edward I-Know-Everything Cullen couldn't possibly withhold his wisdom!  Wisdom—hah!”

“Your idea was completely ridiculous!  How could you seriously consider—”

“Who said I was seriously considering anything?  I was just thinking, Edward—just letting my thoughts flow.  And it was none of your business anyway.”

She stalked off down the beach before suddenly halting.  Whirling to face me once more, she extended one foot and drew a line in the sand.

“There.  Pretend that line goes through the whole island.  You stay on your side, and I'll stay on mine. 
Sebastien Robichaud

In the Shadow of the Prado
by Sebastien Robichaud
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A/N: This is an Edward/Bella outtake from the story “The Ice Queen and Mister McCarty,” which appears on both Twilighted and Fan
(You should probably read the posted chapters first, along with the outtakes “Eiffel Tower Serenade” and “Eiffel Tower Morning.”)

December 2009

Bella stood motionless in front of Jan van Eyck’s Annunciation Diptych.  She was in the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum in Madrid and for the moment, she was alone.

Her eyes were drawn to the painting, to the interplay of light and shadow that made the images look like sculptures jutting out of a niche.  She stared at the masterpiece so long she forgot where she was. When she looked around, Edward was nowhere to be found.

A cold feeling began in the pit of her stomach, spreading outward to her limbs.

Where is he?

A few people had wandered into the space, but none of them were Edward.  She walked to the next room, but it was empty.  By the time she entered the long hallway that constituted room six, she began to panic.

He didn’t bring me all the way to Madrid to dump me.

Did he?

Anais Mark

Eating In
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Across the card-cum-dining table, I eyed my contractor suspiciously. He thought I might be amenable to loosening the time constraints on our project. Spending more time with him was something I could certainly handle. Dragging out this remodel, not so much.

“You’re tired of eating out?”

“I’m sorry. Come again?” I snorted at my innuendo. Adolescent sex jokes were all that stood between me and impaling this lovely hunk of husband on any one of fifty-eleven plastic sporks I’d collected with the mountain of takeout we’d consumed since gutting our kitchen more than a year back. An eyeroll was all the appreciation I got for my restraint and humor. Someone in this damn union needed to respect the pun. Today would have to be my turn.

Late Night with Aro (Epilogue)
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She was about as ready for the media attention as Bambi  was for his new legs. After Bella got out of the hospital, she was followed like a superstar and it was just infuriating. Her parents were in and out of her apartment with food and rented romantic comedies.

The paparazzi were a combination of fruit flies and cockroaches, except they could talk with their evil mouths. Bella kept waiting for the big reveal, waiting to hear the amazing news that Edward Cullen was still alive, but there was nothing.

She couldn’t even wear his big, hairy man toe. It was too long for her shoes. For a while she slept with it like a teddy bear. Then she woke up at night and screamed when she saw it lying next to her mouth. Now, the toe stays in the bottom drawer of her jewelry box.

Please Don't Leave Me
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Bella’s POV 

Of three things I’m sure. One, Jasper almost bit me. Two, Edward wasn’t taking that well. And, three… nope. Just two. I was really hoping to come up with three again, but it’s just two this time.

It has been sixteen hours since the ‘uh-oh that was my eighteenth birthday party’. I told Alice I didn’t want one, but as usual she didn’t listen. So, instead I ended up with stitches, an emo vampire boyfriend and having to sit through class without said emo vampire boyfriend. So, imagine my surprise when I came home from school to find the Cullen—whom I voted in my mind to most likely end my life—waiting in my bedroom playing with her hair. 

Coming Home (A Quiet Storm Outtake)
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Letting out these small groans, I was able to taste and kiss all my favorite spots in my only favorite place. By now Bella held her own legs back, nearly placing her feet behind her head. She was wide open — exposed — and looked so gorgeous, face scrunched and eyes closed in pleasure. I had stopped to finger her, using two and going so slow. 

Then was when I decided to test the waters. With my fingers moist and slippery from her wetness, they left her to slide down and rub against her asshole.

"Shit." Her ass rose from the bed even more, and my head dipped low — keeping pressure with my fingers without entering as I softly sucked her clit. The squeal I was greeted with made my heart take a leap. "You like that, baby?" I cooed, and then flicked my tongue on her swollen clit. "Yes!" she screamed, her thighs clamping my head tightly. "Oh God . . . just like that, Edward. I love you. I love you. I love—" She let out a gasp-like cry, her breathing cut off as she stiffened.

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