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Kill Phil
Banner by Catonspeed 

Disclaimer: All references to Twilight, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and Natural Born Killers belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended.

Huge love to mac for beta’ing this, and to catonspeed for the awesome banner. I couldn’t have written this very well without either of these ladies. Kill Phil is not an epilogue to Stigmata Tomato, but a dream sequence or AU ending.

Facebook Status: Samurais are the new pink.

We stumble and scream and fight and fuck. And we hunger for blood, vengeance like human flesh on our putrid, zombified tongues.

Will I be satisfied with his head on my mantle? Will I stop screaming at night when my katana slices through his meaty neck?

Or will I die a little on the other end of the sword?

There’s no time for regret.

I won’t sleep. Not until his cock is hammered to my cross.

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