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C. Valentina Dunn

The One Percent
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It begins innocently enough. The slopes won't be open for another two weeks, so the resort is mostly empty. He's alone when he takes a seat at one of the tables in the bar. These days, he usually is. Right away, she approaches him. For her, this is just another day at work — providing small talk and good service is part of her job.


{ Nelly Mikaelson } at: September 15, 2012 at 2:41 PM said...

Hello, a couple weeks ago i started reading To serve is Divine by texasbella, but i went on holiday and when i came back, the story was not at anymore..:/ a was searching everywhere, but i didn't find it anywhere.. but then i found texasbella's page and found out that there will be a TSID book ..:) and that you downloaded the oroginal story.. i didn't get to read the end and i'm not from america, so i don't know, if i'll ever get to read the book..:( so do you think you could send it to me, pleaseeee? i really beg you, like, seriously, on my knees!!! my email is

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