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New, highly limited donation premium by Wendy (aka Mingo). Personally customized template-based and completely custom holiday e-cards! A donation of $35 or more earns you a personally customized template-based holiday photo e-card, or a donation of $50 or more earns you a completely custom designed and created holiday e-card. There are only 6 of the template-based and 2 of the fully custom e-cards available to donors in total. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed and the digital file will be delivered by December 1st to allow time for traditional printing if you so desire.

Here are three samples of template-based e-cards (more designs available, flamingo images are simply photo placeholders):

and here is a sample of Wendy's artistry in a completely custom from the ground up holiday card:

Currently available for your banner and desktop wallpaper needs: fallanydeeper. Click here to view her extensive gallery of work. As before, one banner or desktop wallpaper per donation of $25 or more.

The lovely Tkegl donated her graphics services to donors of $25 or more, offering to create a beautiful custom banner for the donor or as a gift to a friend. This premium has since expired. Below are the incredible banners she made for qualifying donors and/or their friends.

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