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Summary: This is set ten years after Bella married Edward and became a vampire.  It is a continuation of Hope, a one shot I did for a contest that presupposes that there was no Breaking Dawn.  We were asked to extrapolate the saga from the end of Eclipse.  Hope was my entry.  I didn’t win but I did get several requests to extend it and so, here it is.  If you’d like to read Hope first, here is a link to my profile on 

“Don’t tell her, Alice. I’m begging you.”   Edward paced the floor in front of his sister who was standing still as stone, her arms crossed in front of her, and a determined look on her face.

“Edward, you should see him.  He’s a shell of a man.  She needs to know.  It isn’t fair.”

“There’s nothing she can do about it and it will only make her suffer needlessly.”

“Don’t you think it is about time she suffered about something?”

Edward angrily turned towards Alice and flung his hands in the air. “She’s suffered!  She’s suffered enough.”

“No, Edward. She only suffered the usual things, things we all went through:  the burning, the eternal thirst, the aching need for blood.  Those are selfish pains.  I am talking about suffering for the choice she made, what she willingly turned her back on, regardless of the devastation it would cause other people.”

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