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DeJean Smith

From the Journal of Liriope M. Hermitage
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Greetings and salutations, friends!

I have been given the great honor of peeking into the journals of Liriope Missouri Hermitage Lawrence which she has so graciously allowed to be published as part of mostly a lurker's fundraiser. She understands how invaluable a good service dog is and know that Leo will be a godsend to Mal and wanted to help out in any way that she could.

As we know, L is quite. . . how shall we say. . . verbose and her journals took up most of her cabin in the woods of the Great Smoky Mountains between what is now Maggie Valley and Valle Crucis, North Carolina. Below are just a few excerpts from her life story, the highs and the lows. They are unedited and should be viewed as for the mature reader only.

We do hope you enjoy this look into her life and while by no means complete, perhaps in the future, she will allow more looks into her rather colorful existence.

DeJean Smith
October, 2011

Kindest reader,

When my friend DeJean told me there would be a fundraiser for the lovely Mal, I knew immediately that I had to help out! So, I've allowed DeJean access to my journals and let her pick out some of the stories she thinks y'all would like to read about. That doesn't mean I won't step in and make my own commentary. Bless my own heart, you know I can't keep quiet when there's something to say and when you pick and choose snippets from the 161 years of my life, there's a lot to say!

My comments will be in bold, the journal entries will be. . . er. . . normal? Yeah. Like I'm anywhere near normal.

Happy reading!


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